Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The Lord delivered you, now will you forsake Him?

How many times has the Lord forgiven you? How many times do you forget Him? Do you give Him glory for bringing you through life’s trials?

The Lord has said He would not leave you nor forsake you, but what about you? Do you go through your day without Him?

Ps 103:2 - ... and forget not all His benefits:

Jer 1 & 2; 1:16 They worship the works of their hands.

Forgetting God is: A characteristic of the wicked: Prov 2:17,
Is 65:11

Backsliders are guilty of it: Jer 3:21,22


His covenant: Deu 4:23, 2 King 17:38
His works: Ps 103;2, 106:7
His word: Heb 12:5 James 1:25
His law: Ps 119:153, 176 Hos 4:6
Past deliverance: Jud 8:34, Ps 78:42
His Power to deliver: Is 51:13-15
Is encouraged by false teachers : Jer 23:27
Prosperity often leads to it: Deu 8:12-14; Hos 13:6
Trials should not lead to it: Ps 44:17-20
Resolve against it: Ps 119:16, 93
Caution against it: Deu 6:12; Deu 8:11
Exhortation to those guilty of it: Ps 50:22
Punishment of it: Job 8:12,13 Ps 9:17; Is 17:10,11; Exe 23:35; Hos. 8:14

Don’t forget where the Lord has brought you from. Many people start out for the Lord because of some kind of trouble they are in or they are down on their luck. Then they turn to God for forgiveness and for help. But when the Lord has mercy on them, forgives them, and helps them, they turn back to the world and the ways of the world. Beware lest you Forget!!!

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