Saturday, December 6, 2008

"A Day to remember"

There are many things going on each day, we need to stop and take time to build a gingerbread house. This was a day we spent with our 5 year old niece. It took a long time to build. We had to put some candy on the house and we had to eat some. Put some more on and eat some more. One piece at a time. It takes time to build a house. But most of the time we are so busy with our daily activities that our house does not look as pretty as this one. Take the time out this holiday session to say a kind word, to take a meal to someone in need, and to really see that life is what you make it. God wants us to be his hands and his servants, going about doing good. But we go right past the people who really need us. Take time today to build your own gingerbread house.

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