Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Things I have learned"

These are some things I have learned from the word, my husband, Jimmy Swaggart, & Loren Larsen.

These words really blessed me and I wanted to share them with others.

Gal. 2:16 I am only Justified, reckoned righteous, & in right standing with God through faith & obsolete reliance on & adherence to & trust in Jesus. NOT BY WORKS {wholly & solely through Christ]

The law shows me my condition, my sin. It can not save me. Any thing I do as a law or ritual will not save me.

My works are not contributing to my justification, but my works manifest the sanctification that is in progress in you.

I am separated from the penalty of sin by Christ’s death. I am separated from the power of sin by drawing upon the help of the Holy Spirit.

Justification is for me. Sanctification is in me.

Justification removes guilt & penalty of sin. Sanctification removes the power of sin in my life.

Justification declares me righteous. Sanctification makes me righteous.

Good works do not make a good man.

Gal. 3:3 I was saved by faith in the message which is Jesus Christ & Him crucified, why would i try to work my way to victory (perfection).

God reaches down to me. I place my faith in what Jesus did at the Cross. That causes reconciliation with God. That gives me grace and the help of the Holy Spirit. Works are produces by the work of the Holy Spirit in me.

Rom. 6:10 I have no business having a relationship with sin, only unbroken fellowship with God, through Jesus. KEY: unbroken & in Christ.

When I place my faith in what Jesus did at the Cross, that gives the latitude to the Holy Spirit to work in my life.

It is not confession that brings salvation, confession confirms the salvation I already have received when I place my faith in what Jesus did at the Cross.

No matter what type of person I try to be, I can not do it with self. I must totally rely on God, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. Then let the work of the Holy Spirit change me into the person God wants me to be.

The good things I do, do not & did not pay my sin debt. Jesus paid the debt and broke the bondage of sin.

Proper faith will always birth proper works. But proper works CAN NOT produce proper faith.

Look unto Jesus daily. Make what Jesus did, the object of my faith daily.

The law shows me my true colors & my need for a savior, Jesus!

My Focus: Jesus, Jn 1:6
Object of my faith: the Cross, Rom. 6:3-5
Power source: The Holy Spirit, Rom. 8:1,2,11
Results: Victory, Rom. 6:14

Focus: my works
Object of faith: Performance, Gal. 2:21
Power source: Self, Gal. 5:2
Results= Defeat

I can not be the best I can be. I must die to self. I can be the best He is making me. We try to improve on self and we can not. We try to work our way to God and we can not. Our works did not save us and can not save us. I am saved by faith, through grace only!!!!!!