Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mom's 80th Birthday Party

Joyce is at home. Her family & friends are keeping her comfortable. Please keep her in your prayers. Here is her 80th Birthday which was Aug. 2nd of this year. At that time Joyce was walking on her own. She is not able to do that now. We love her very much. Please consider helping her with a gift.... Click Here

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Joyce Paxton - medical expenses - needs help

"Our Mom (80 yrs old) wanted me to share with all our friends on FB her story. Let me first thank you all for your prayers and calls. Mom has more than 3 inoperable tumors in her brain. She wants to encourage everyone to pray and search the scriptures with their families because these are the important things in life. Mom would also talk to you of the importance of loving each other and to refuse bitterness and judgmentalism in your hearts. Mom will be with the precious savior and with Dad again. Mom also wanted me to emphasize the importance of having a compassionate heart to all God brings into our lives. This brave, courageous lovely lady will always be my hero. I love you so much mom. Mom has asked me to tell these simple test profound lessons of love as her legacy! I will do my best Mom. See you tomorrow! I love you!" With all the medical expenses & other cost we need all our friends & families help. Please consider a donating. Thanks & God Bless You

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