Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was listening to Perry Stone last night and he talked about what women need to beware of in the last days. There were three things he talked about and this note is my way of sharing them with you. Women really need to be watchful of how they go through life. We are an influence to so many people. Lets be the right type of influence. Here is the three things we need to stay away from.

1) Manipulation - to manage or handle with art or skill; to manage skillfully. To change others by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose.

This is not just a one time thing. The only way to be skillful is to practice. To do something over and over. This is something that you do many times. Also, you study it from others. You master it.

You may have women in your family or in your circle of influence, beware. Manipulation is a powerful thing.

One way women influence others is by using her body. They use sex or their looks to make a man do what they want him to do. They do it to get things they want.

Manipulation includes mind control. Women use words to control others. They try to put fear or try to place guilt on someone to make them do something. A lot of times this can be done by bringing up one’s past sins, to use it against them.

So beware you don’t become one of these women and that you stay away from women like this.

Example in the bible: Delilah, Judges 16

2) Domination - to rule or control, to exercise of mastery or ruling power, governing, or controlling influence

Women beware you do not try to control another person. You are not the ruler of anyone. Do not try to lord over others. When women do this it is for their own gain. They want something and they control others or rule over other to get what they want.

Domination is one setting themselves up as God to rule over someone. These people use their power to control another person. This kind of person also uses manipulation & intimidation. They lord over another to get what they want.

Beware women that you stay submissive to God and the control of the Holy Spirit in your life. Do not allow the spirit of domination to come in.

Example in the bible: Herodias, Matt. 14

3) Intimidation - to make one timid; fill them with fear, to make fearful, to compel or deter by or as if by threats, to frighten into submission, inducing fear or a sense of inferiority into another, reduction to a state where the spirit is broken or all courage is lost.

This type of person will use all three: Manipulation, Domination, and Intimidation.

Beware women you do not put fear on another to get where you want in life. You have no business having anything to do with fear! You are to uplift people, not make them feel inferior to you.

Words can be so powerful, choose them carefully. Words can be used to give threats or can be used to make someone submit to your desires.

This person will use fear to force another person to do something or not to do something. Fear is powerful.

Example: 1 Kings 19

To overcome all of these:

First, you must stay in the Bible and learn what the bible say about who you are in Christ. Read it, study it, memorize it. Humble yourself and stay submissive to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Second, keep your eyes on what Jesus did for you at Calvary. Only doing this will help you. You can not do anything on your own. You need the cleansing power of Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit, which you will get as you place your faith in what Jesus did.

Third, refuse the counsel of the world. Psalm 1:1-2 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law does he meditate day and night."

Everyday we are bombarded with ungodly counsel. Radio, TV, Friends, Family, etc... We can accept the counsel and encouragement of Godly friends and family. We are to help one other and encourage one another.

Last, decide that you will not allow these types of people to influence your life. And that you will not use these three ways to be a part of your life. It is very important that in these last days we protect ourselves from all attacks of the enemy. We do not want to be used by the enemy!! If you see yourself using Manipulation, Domination, & Intimidation, Beware! Resist it. Do not allow yourself to be as those of the world. Women of the world do not think twice about using these things to get what they want. We are not of this world. We will not compromise. We will be controlled and led by the Spirit of God!!!!